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Greater flexibility and control have encouraged many people to turn to Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to meet their superannuation investment needs. However, are you aware of the risks? Self Managed Superannuation involves many complex rules and regulations. Therefore managing your own super fund incorrectly can result in very significant penalties. Time and expertise are required to keep up to date with legislative changes, as well as ensuring the investments are well structured.

At Provident Financial Services we provide you with a multi-disciplined approach by combining access to market leading investments and tailored strategic advice. Our expert financial planners specialise in managing SMSF’s including complex areas such as Limited Recourse Borrowing, providing structured fund and investment advice as well as guiding you through issues of compliance and your responsibilities as trustee.

Borrowing inside your Self Managed Super Fund

An investment strategy that many people are considering for their SMSF is Limited Recourse Borrowing. It involves taking out a loan, whilst also using the equity you have built within your SMSF to purchase a single asset such as property and/or shares.

This enables the asset level within your fund to increase with the addition of borrowed funds, in turn magnifying the growth opportunity within your SMSF. The nature of the recourse associated with the loan, then protects the remaining assets of the SMSF.

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Our vision Plan. Help. Achieve. is designed to help you take control of your super.


  • We identify your financial goals.
  • We assess your risk profile.
  • We review your Investment Portfolio.
  • We review the structure, performance and effectiveness of your current SMSF.


  • We help you establish and set up your SMSF.
  • We determine the appropriate structure, features and investment strategies of your SMSF.
  • We make insurance recommendations within your SMSF.
  • We recommend the contribution and tax strategies.
  • We provide administrative support for all compliance documentation.
  • We make estate planning recommendations.
  • We regularly review your SMSF so that it continues to fit with your lifestyle and goals.


At Provident, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that you reach your financial goals. Our expert planners endeavour to deliver above industry average returns for all our SMSF’s.


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