Age Care Advice

At Provident Financial Services we provide an aged care service that arranges the whole process for you and engages members of your family along the way. At what can be a difficult time Provident is here to provide peace of mind and the comfort of knowing who you can turn to.

  • Who can assist and organise an ACAT assessment?
  • Who can help me find a care facility?
  • Do I have to sell my family home?
  • Will there be enough money for my husband/wife to live off when I go into care?
  • Who can deliver strategies so that I have the capital to enter a facility and pay for ongoing care fees?
  • Who can help negotiate entry fees with the view to providing the best outcomes for my circumstances?
  • Who can help consult with Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs to maximise their support?
  • Who can help to minimise the ongoing costs of aged care?
  • Who can help with Estate Planning to ensure my wishes for family members are catered for?

Contact an adviser today to see how the delivery of Provident’s vision Plan. Help. Achieve. will help provide you with the complete solution. 


  • We listen to your future plans and wishes.
  • We review your assets and current financial situation.
  • We develop a financial strategy to include the capital needed for entry, tax allowances/payable and a budget for ongoing income needs.


  • We support you through the process and paperwork for the ACAT assessment.
  • We can help with finding a care establishment.
  • We negotiate, on your behalf, the entry and ongoing care fees with the care establishment.
  • We consult with Centrelink and the Department of Veteran Affairs to ensure that you receive your maximum entitlements.
  • We make estate planning (i.e. Wills, Power of Attorney, trust) recommendations.
  • We provide ongoing support and consultation with you and your family members.


Whilst everyone’s situation is different we know that in this critical area of aged care advice the value and support we can provide enables you to spend more time with your family. Our experienced advisers aim to minimise the costs and maximise the support you receive. For one client, we have been able to introduce strategies that reduced ongoing care fees by in excess of $10,000pa. For another, our advice enabled the retention of the family home through the negotiation of a reduced entry fee and the introduction of a monthly charge rather than a lump sum.

Enjoy factor moments

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Provident made what was a stressful time far easier and provided us with an excellent long term solution that will see mum and the family catered for over the coming years. - Joanne Burridge (on behalf of my mother and my sisters)

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