Retirement planning

Since 1997, Provident Financial Services has been proud to help our clients achieve financial security in good and bad times. The provision of financial security, guidance and peace of mind gained from knowing that Provident is there to help, has allowed our clients to focus on the important things in life. The cornerstone of our advice is delivering your Enjoy Factor through a deep understanding of what is important to you in enjoying your retirement.

In planning for retirement you can be overwhelmed with questions.

  • Where does my income come from when I stop work?
  • How much Age Pension am I eligible for and can I maximise my Centrelink entitlement?
  • How do I manage my investments to help my money last?
  • How do I plan for travel and other capital expenditure?
  • Now that I am retired, what is the best investment for my assets and what are the tax implications?
  • How do I arrange an appropriate Estate Planning strategy?
  • What are the tax implications of my investment strategy?
  • Who will explain the legislative complexity of retirement income streams to me?

Our vision of Plan. Help. Achieve. is designed to provide you with smart strategies to live and enjoy your retirement.


  • Understanding your personal and financial objectives and where you are at now.
  • Understanding your retirement and work expectations.
  • Understanding your risk profile.
  • Identifying any gaps in your plan for retirement and providing solutions.
  • Reviewing your current super funds and your contributions.


We create a strategy that matches your Enjoy Factor:

  • Maximising your income to meet your needs, including travel.
  • Providing a model portfolio tailored to your risk.
  • Regularly reviewing and, when necessary, adjusting your portfolio as your life changes.
  • Managing your super contribution caps.
  • Making estate planning recommendations.
  • Keeping you aware of the impact of legislative changes.


A good retirement plan should reduce stress and allow you to concentrate on creating your Enjoy Factor moments. Whilst everyone’s situation is different, and everyone’s ideal retirement is different, our advisers have been trusted with and have delivered value, peace of mind and ongoing support to our clients since 1997.

Enjoy factor moments

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We are very happy with Provident; we are in a stronger financial position now than when I retired more than 10 years ago. - John Yates

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